Gemrik DEF Shelters Secure Diesel Exhaust Fluid in a Fully Equipped Bulk DEF Storage And Dispense System Shelter

Bulk DEF Storage and Dispense System

Exclusively distributed by Fluidall, Gemrik’s re-designed and fully equipped bulk DEF Storage & Dispense Shelters will store, dispense, and protect the purity of diesel exhaust fluid within a secure climate-controlled island friendly footprint.

Gemrik DEF Shelter Capacities

  • 330 Gallon DEF Storage Capacity
  • 660 Gallon DEF Storage Capacity
  • 990 Gallon DEF Storage Capacity

Gemrik entered the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) industry in 2010 and continues to provide protecive DEF Storage and Dispense Shelters for Fleets, both large & small, as well as the mining, marine and aggregate industries.