The Gemrik USA DEF Shelter for Storing & Dispensing Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The Gemrik USA DEF Shelter is a fully equipped bulk DEF storage & dispense system, complete with refillable DEF tanks and DEF dispense equipment.

DEF Shleter
Exclusively distributed by Fluidall, the Gemrik USA DEF Shelter is a secure and user-friendly solution. It is equipped with large DEF tanks to store diesel exhaust fluid inside. Gemrik has designed this ideal and reliable system to protect the purity of your diesel exhaust fluid, within a secure and climate-controlled island-friendly footprint.

Shelter Capacities

  • 330 Gallon Shelter
    Features (1) DEF Tank with a 330 gallon capacity
  • 660 Gallon Shelter
    Features (2) DEF Tanks with a 330 gallon capacity each
  • 990 Gallon Shelter
    Features (3) DEF Tanks with a 330 gallon capacity each

IBC Secondary Tote Containment

IBC Secondary Tote Containment
Optional containment vessels are designed for use with a 330 gallon IBC tote. They outfit a 330 gallon tote using either gravity feed or pump dispense. *Available only with purchase of the Gemrik USA DEF Shelter.

Gemrik USA entered the Diesel Exhaust Fluid industry over 10 years ago. When DEF first surfaced in the USA we recognized the need for an affordable and functional solution to securely store and dispense diesel exhaust fluid. As the Shelter evolved it has become a standard for DEF handling, and has even expanded to a storage solution for other industry related fluids.

Now our reputable company has partnered with Fluidall for the exclusive distribution of the Gemrik DEF Shelter. Together, we continue to learn, improvise and deliver quality craftsmanship. The units are in service throughout the entire US and in Canada, in a variety of weather environments, all performing as designed. This climate-controlled system is used by Fleets, both large & small. The Shelter is preferred by many in the mining, transportation, excavation, marine and aggregate industries.