IBC Tote Containment

IBC Tote Containment is an excellent vessel that acts as secondary barrier between oil storage tanks and the external environment.

IBC Tote ContainmentTote containment is designed for use with a 330 gallon IBC tote. It can accommodate a full storage tote with gravity feed or pump dispense. Near the base of the vessel is a drain bung with a ball valve for easy to access gravity feed dispense. If dispensing fluids from the IBC by pump, any dispense equipment should be configured at the top of the tote, and would not conflict with the functionality of the containment barrier. The Tote Containment features a heavy duty base to help resist abrasions and tears, and a mid section strengthening strap. Seam sections allow the containment bag to fold outward as it collapses to lay flat when not in use. With schedule 40 aluminum tube frame bars and PVC corner connections, the heavy duty secondary containment vessel has many uses in the commercial, fleet, agricultural, and aggregate industries.

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Containment Specifications

Dimensions 44” W X 54” L X 39”H
Capacity/gallons 363 Gallons Total
Material PVC Coated Polyester Fabric
Bag Material Thicknesses 24 mils for the sides, 35 mils for the bottom
Exposure Resistance To Including but not limited to: DEF
Water based liquids
Motor oils (extended exposure not recommended)
Liquid and granular fertilizer
Usages Commercial

Containment Assembly Instructions