About Gemrik

Company Profile

GEMRIK USA, LLC was founded by Rick and Jim Hagler in 2010.

When DEF first surfaced in the U.S. we recognized the need for an affordable and functional option in the DEF Storage, and other liquids storage, protection, and dispensing arena. As our product evolved it has become a standard for DEF handling, and has now expanded to a storage solution for other industry related liquids.

Rick has an extensive background in sales, marketing and management, while Jim has more than 30 years of design and production experience and holds numerous U.S. Patents. Therefore, this was the ideal person to partner with to bring our designs and concept to the market.

Rick’s industry insight coupled with Jim’s design and concept abilities gave birth to our successful series of TOTE STORAGE protection. As a commitment to our collaboration we formed our equally shared company in 2010.

We have rapidly grown to one of the major providers in the mini bulk DEF Storage and other liquids storage, protection, and dispensing arena. GEMRIK USA is fortunate to have earned positive business relationships with many of the leading Transportation, DEF, and Oil and Lubricant Distributing companies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In March of 2018, GEMRIK USA was acquired by our longtime fabricator, Stateline Power Corp. Stateline is committed to maintaining our product and support philosophies in conjunction with creating new and state of the art industry related products.

Exciting innovations are on the horizon as we move into our second decade of serving the DEF related industries.

Jim and I will actively support Stateline during and long after the merger.

Thanks for a successful and rewarding first decade!

Our Vision

GEMRIK USA’s vision can best be summed in the uniqueness of our product, and our continued obsession with quality, functionality, and affordability.

Our products are built with everything that is needed to perform our goal of offering affordable protection for mini bulk DEF and other tote stored industry liquids without “unnecessary overbuilding”.

Keeping our products “functional and affordable”, or what we call Affordable Functionality™.

This philosophy has allowed us to continue provide a high quality, functional, and affordable DEF Storage and Dispensing System to the market. What used to be options are now STANDARDS, such as Insulation, Heater (with thermostat), DEF Pump, 25′ DEF Hose Reel, Digital Meter and much more.

Our product evolution broadens as we continually search for more ways to provide the best value to the market without compromising functionality or quality. Our recent introduction of the PRO-TKI™ Series of DEF Shelters is a testament to our commitment to grow with the industry.

GEMRIK USA is a “Multi Industry” focused company, allowing us to continually provide high quality, and affordably priced solutions for single, dual, and triple tote storage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid and other storage compatible media.

This flexibility affords the end user the ability to protect their fleet investment and maintenance by offering reasonably priced storage protection solutions for a multitude of industry liquids, such as hydraulic and transmission fluids to antifreeze and washer solvents.

“Integrity is earned by a lifetime of personal actions and deeds and cannot be defined or discredited by a single event, or individual. If someone attacks your integrity, defend it with all your might, as it is by far your most valuable asset.” ™ — Rick Hagler