3 Simple Steps to Prepare Your DEF Equipment for Winter

Moderate to extreme-cold weather environments present an extra challenge as you maintain your system for storing and dispensing Diesel Exhaust Fluid throughout the Winter season.

DEF Shelter recent install

Fortunately, there are a few proactive steps you can take to avoid frustration with frozen or damaged equipment and keep business moving forward as usual.

1. Top it off.

The proper mixture of Urea to Deionized Water that makes up Diesel Exhaust Fluid will not freeze above 12 degrees Fahrenheit unless water evaporation has occurred. While this may be unlikely for bulk applications, keeping your tanks, totes, and drums as air-tight as possible will certainly eliminate the possibility of the water content evaporating during prolonged storage.

To that end, it’s important to check the seal on caps, vents, and other fittings for damage and replace as necessary. In addition, consider regularly filling your storage container to at least 95% to keep airspace at a minimum.

2. Turn up the heat!

An internal heater is just one of the absolutely necessary components needed to maintain the temperature of your DEF supply and equipment. Make sure yours is working properly by

Adjusting the Thermostat until the heater turns on and the exhausted air is hot.

Then ensure that the heater will turn off when it reaches ambient temperature.

When you’re finished, set the Thermostat dial back to the desired temperature needed to combat the cold-weather season.

3. Lock it down.

Locks, latches, hinges, and other mechanical parts on DEF storage and dispensing systems can often become worn or get hung up if they’re not maintained. Ensure that these components are functioning smoothly and that any access doors close and latch tightly.

At the same time, inspect any and all door seals and be sure that they form a tight seal so that the enclosure will retain heat well. Consider replacing any of the above-mentioned components if they appear to be worn. You don’t want to take a chance on cold winds leaking in and freezing your pump, dispense hoses, or nozzle!

Completing these simple tasks now rather than in the dead of Winter will surely be worth your time and will help to make the Winter season a little more pleasant.

If your DEF supply and equipment isn’t protected from the impending Winter weather, call us today!

We’ll guide you toward the right solution that will not only be your primary defense against the wrath of Winter, but will be a convenient DEF system that’s fuel-island friendly and ready to work from day one!