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If your DEF Equipment isn’t protected from the impending Winter weather, then consider a one time investment in a Gemrik DEF Shelter.

We’ll explain why our DEF Shelter System is rated #1. The DEF Shelter is the right solution that will not only be your primary defense against the wrath of winter, and will be a long-lasting and convenient DEF system that is fuel-island friendly and ready to work from day one.

Gemrik has partnered with Fluidall for the exclusive distribution of the DEF Shelter, in service throughout the US and in Canada. The complete climate-controlled system is ideal in a variety of weather environments, preferred by many in the mining, transportation, excavation, marine and aggregate industries.

Fluidall is the Exclusive Distributor for All Gemrik Products, and the team is happy to help you with you DEF specifications and questions. Reach out to Fluidall at:
Toll Free: 800-849-0591
Local: 763-972-7400

A Message From The Gemrik Co-Founder

As the Co-Founder of Gemrik, I am pleased to offer our full endorsement and support of Fluidall as the exclusive distributor for all Gemrik products. Fluidall is a trusted name within the industry and we are pleased that they have taken on the sales and marketing responsibilities for Gemrik products, and the brand name.

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